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Postural Correction

Injury Rehab

Peak Performance

Movement is at the core of our early growth and development spectacle, and movement remains the central theme throughout life. The Leo Silva Method is thoroughly researched and has been built into easy to follow systems. It focuses on body integrity and physical performance, designed to be practiced in 4 elements that are simple, progressive and works specifically for you.

Throughout this training you will improve factors such as mobility, motor control, postural alignment, sensory feedback, balance as well as cardio and strength. The soul purpose of the method is to educate you on how to take care and recover your body so you can independently protect your body and work on preventative measures.


These are the 4 elements that create the basis of my training:


Mobility: Related with flexibility and flow.

Balance: Related with stability and mindfulness.

Cardio: Related with agility and stamina.

Strength: Related with foundation and resilience.


The way we would use the 4 elements, is mobility and stability are programmed to assist you with recover, opposed to cardio and strength that works to enhance performance. All 4 work hand in hand to recover your muscles, align your joints and overall improve your training capacity, while avoiding over training and injuries.

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Kara Vaughan - Teacher, research student and aspirational rock climber

"Rehabilitation to athletic performance in just one year. In January 2020 I was recovering from a broken leg. Leo replaced the role of aphysiotherapist with a holistic approach to educating my mind and engaging my whole body. Using a mixed approach that includes Pilates, mobility, bodyweight and cardio. A year later my goals are driven by desire to improve my function, strength and power for my sport. Thanks to Leo’s approach, I understand how to look after my body with performance, massage and rest to get the most out of feeling good for work, study and play. Thanks Leo I know you always have my back on the good days and sluggish ones."

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