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Hi there! My name is Leonardo and I am a lover of physical activities and sports since I was kid. I have a Bachelor of Physical Education Teaching & Sports Management and I’m also qualified as an Exercise Physiologist. During the time spent at university, I became fascinated and passionate about the connection between human beings and exercise and so decided that helping people change their lives through movement was what I wanted to do in life. 
In 2007 I took my first Pilates course and shifted my mindset from being an instructor to be a Teacher. The course also introduced me to the “Contrology” concept created by Joseph Pilates – a powerful and effective method that combines the cognitive and the physical, and states that “it’s the mind itself which shapes the body”.
In 2014 I received a STOTT PILATES certification which made my technique way sharper. Inspired by that “Contrology” concept, I came to the conclusion I could apply the Pilates basic principles to different methods such as strength and metabolic workouts and turn them into more strategic programs. 
In 2018 I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a study of different methods for functional training and performance, strength and conditioning as well as tools like kettlebell, clubbell and body weight. All the knowledge and practical experience built and over 20.000 hours teaching in the last two decades helped me create my own method, a mix of all the exercise tools I have to promote the mind-body and functional training concept and bring preventative, restorative and lifelong health solutions to my students.

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