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The program is divided in three steps: Introductory, intermediate and advanced. The core concepts are: intelligent design, resource optimisation, scalable adjustability, purposeful practicability, carry-over transferability, functional symmetry, performance longevity, incremental progression, innovative adaptability and occupational safety. The Leo Silva Method is focused on quality of movement and effective techniques as well as smart strategy training for different needs like wellbeing, metabolic conditioning, agility, power and strength.

The essential of the program is to learn the basic movement patterns first, and then begin with simple body-weight exercise. You will perform from simple to complex using the conception of progressive resistance. The levels vary between gentle, moderate and high intensity to facilitate yourself to achieve your goals.


The program is divided in 3 pedagogical steps: 

  • 1st step - Functional movement introduction

  • 2nd step - Performance introduction

  • 3rd step - Performance and skills


The training program flows through the 4 elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth sequentially before cycling back to water. So, Water and Air elements are designed to be more restorative whereas Fire and Earth relate to performance. That means, if you work hard on elements Fire and Earth then you will have Water and Air elements to recover, clean the muscles and align the joints. As a result, you will improve your fitness and well-being and avoid overtraining and injuries. 

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